Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Wave.

So basically I wanted to show the internets a new cat that I am feeling at the moment named Kid Cudi.
He is out of Cleveland Ohio and he brings a new vibe to this hip-hop movement. I personally think HipHop needs to be Obama'd and some of these new cats out now are doing just that. Now I know that not everyone will agree with the vibe that I am putting out, but I honestly think that being different leads to being interesting. Anywho I can dive more into that at a later time (which I am sure I will) but without more ado, Check the vid and pay ATTENTION to the lyrics:
Kid Cudi - Man on the MOON.

If you don't get it. Its all about being genuine to yourself and remaining focused on who you are and catering only to yourself and such forth.

Enjoi yourselves.


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