Wednesday, November 26, 2008

If killer had the money

If Killer had the money he would probly be shoppin on-line at and Ima tell you why.

I was up on lookin at some videos, and I go there now instead of youtube, to which I'm not even going to provide a link for because vimeo allows you to up load videos at a higher quality rate and they also promote the best videos where as youtube has garbage water videos. They are like the walmart of video hosting websites before walmart started selling george, like back in the b.u.m. and boss days.

So anyways, I get up on this dude from spain, name is Angel De Franganillo he's got these dope animations, and a dope website too and so I start clicking around to see some of the stuff he's done, art stuff, and commercial stuff. That's where I stumble upon pull and bear. Apparently he did some of the flash work on their website, I believe he did the pull and bear forest portion.

Well I get to skimmin' around and this website and turns out they have the clothes and the shoes, and I would definitely by some of them shoes and probly some clothes too if I had the money. But here's the thing, when I say the money, I mean any money at all, cause their stuff is not expensive if I have done the calculations in my head correctly (i.e. its mostly europe based and no U.S. venders yet) but I was so captivated by the design of the website alone that it made me think man I would get up on some of this stuff, unlike the MACY's fiasco had by common friend to Dixon McGlintok and I, Royal Layotta.

While some of the clothes are euro for sure I feel like a lot of it is a combo between the two current divisions in hiphop culture, the gents and the hipsters.

Oh snap, I got to go to work, if I had more time I'd put up some pictures, I'll have to post some later.


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