Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Dixon and Killer Combo

So, my boy Dixon and I (Killer) have a web comic that we are going to release weekly on our website Disasterpeace so ya'll should check it out.

To explain it a little, it takes place in the all too familiar section 8 housing called "Candlewyck Hill" where a family of extremely gifted and yet completely ambitionless people live. The hero of the story is the oldest brother Quaivon but everybody close to him calls him Ducie. For a complete biography on the different characters you can go visit the site.

The idea of this comic came about last summer when I was working at the Benjamin Banneker Community Center as a councilor and a fellow staff member told me this goofy story about what a few of the kids (I call them Bannekids) got into. In the center there is a library that is remotely connected to the public library and for some reason our library consists mostly of romance novels. One of the titles was "Black As the Night" but some of the Bannekids don't read too well and thought that it said "Black Ass the Knight" and went to the other kids and was like "Aye, aye look at this, it's called Black Ass the Knight" and then the one of the other kids looked at it and said "Man, that says Black As the Night! Who is Blask Ass the Knight supposed to be?! Defender of the Ghetto?!?" I died when I heard this and had to draw Black Ass the Knight as soon as I could get a piece of paper and a pencil and as a result came the first page of the comic. I knew that I had something good and wanted to have another hand in the mix for this comic and so I called up my boy Dixon McGlintok and said I had a project for him. Later in the summer we met up and had a meeting and started the ground work for what will hopefully be a huge success and if nothin' else a familiar depiction of the way we grew up.

So we hope you enjoy the site and the blog. Eventually the website will be a little bit more multi-media and interactive based and on this blog we will continue to have updates on our progress and also other reviews on comics and music that we think is cool.



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